HEPA Filters for Resin 3D Printing?


I’ve been getting back into 3d printing again recently, and having a great time with it. I do resin printing, and anyone who does resin printing will tell you to be careful with your safety. The stuff is toxic, after all. Now, I do my best to be safe with resin. Gloves, dedicated work surfaces, dedicated trash can, IPA wash bottle on hand at all times, everything gets a blast of UV if there’s any concern that something has become unintentionally contaminated, ect.

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Canarython - A tool for creating Canaries

2022-12-29 | #python #tools

Premis While driving to a friends house, listening to a podcast, I got to thinking about warrant canaries. Warrant canaries, for the unfamiliar, are a proposed tool for notifying users that a site has been served a NSL or similar government order by negative action. They are often cryptographically signed to ensure that only an authorized person can update them, include a number of claims about the security of the site, and have an expiry date.

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